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About api.cat...

api.cat is the real estate website of the Professional Real Estate Agents Organization API, with over 2.000 members registered in the Catalan government's Estate Agents Register, being the largest real estate agents association in Catalonia. After more than 60 years of existence, the Catalan’s leading real estate organization provides consumers with a wide source for real estate listings as well as with our agents’ expertise.

api.cat brings together the properties marketed by the agents who are a member of one of the five institutions wich form the Professional Real Estate Agents Organization API:

  • Real Estate Agents Association of Barcelona
  • Real Estate Agents Association of Girona
  • Real Estate Agents Association of Lleida
  • Real Estate Agents Association of Catalonia

What’s the difference between api.cat and the rest of the real estate websites?

api.cat is not a merely real estate website like the ones you’re used to visit. Every property in api.cat is marketed by an agent member of the Professional Real Estate Agents Organization API, reason why these properties are totally guaranteed by our organization.

What does this mean?

It means that not only do you have the chance to access a large offer of properties (a rigorous one, limited to the agents registered in the Catalan government's Estate Agents Register and willingly subdued to the professional API’s code of conduct and discipiline), but you will find the advice of one of our specialized agents who will make sure that every step of the procedure is correct, who will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages regarding your decision, who will recommend you the best solutions if the transaction gets complicated... a professional who understands the real estate market and will help you understand it.

Because, after all, being  right by your side when buying, selling or renting a property is our reason for being.

Can I advertise my property with api.cat?

Our real estate website is restricted to the properties marketed by the agents member of the Professional Real Estate Agents Organization API. If you are interested in having your property advertised in api.cat, you should contact one of our agents, who will take care of it and help you in every step of the transaction’s procedure.

You will find a complete list of our agents in the Professional Real Estate Agents Organization API website, which you can access by clicking here. https://api.cat/que-es-api

Do I have to register in order to see properties?

No, you don’t. Actually, you can search for all the information regarding the properties without having to be registered. But, as a matter of fact, being registered in api.cat will allow you to mark the properties you’re interested in as favourites, which will make your website navigation easier.

How can I register in api.cat?

Access the “Register” section and fill out the inquiry form. You will find this section at the top right-hand corner in the home page.

What is my user name to login in api.cat?

If you’re a website visitor, your user name is the email address you wrote in the inquiry form when registering in api.cat.
If you’re one of our agents, your user name is your agent number.

How can I search for a property?

You can use our real estate search engine in the home page. Choose the type of transaction you’re interested in (buy or rent), the type of property you prefer (flat, duplex, country house, etc.) and your favourite location (town and province). The search results will show all the properties in api.cat that match your request.

 If you prefer, you can use the “Quick search”. From there, you can easily access to a property listing, listed by towns. You will only have to choose the province you’re interested in and, next, the town in which you’re looking for property.

Additionaly, in the search results page you will find the “Advanced search” inquiry form. Aside from the type of property and the location, this inquiry form will allow you to define other property’s features such as the price range or the size. In this way, your search will be better defined and it will be easier for you to find suitable properties.

How can I save my favourite properties?

If you find an interesting property among your search results, you can mark it as a favourite by clicking on the star you will see beside the property description, at the right side of the listing. In this manner, you will keep the information and will be able to take a look at it whenever you wish by accessing the “Favourite properties” section on the private area. Remember you should be registered and access the website as a visitor in order to do this.

How can I receive more information about a property I am interested in?

Contact the agent who is marketing the property: he will give you all the information you need. You will find the contact in the property page.

What is the finance calculator for?

api.cat helps you calculate your monthly mortgage payment given the loan amount you will need to ask for. You will only have to introduce the loan amount, the interest rate and the lenght of the loan in the inquiry form and the finance calculator (which you will find in the “Finance” section) will show you automatically your monthly mortgage payment.

Can I receive alerts by email?

Yes, you can. You only have to sign up our newsletter and you will get the best offers directly in your email.

How can I sign up the newsletter?

Visit the “We’ll find your property” section, select the features of the property you’re looking for in the inquiry form and give us your email. We’ll keep you updated of every property that matches your request.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

In the “We’ll find your property” section you will find the instructions to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

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